Odico’s suite of disruptive robotic technologies is designed to liberate the architect’s creative process, and enable contractors to realize advanced projects at a fraction of normal costs. Our technologies offer efficiency improvements up to 100 times over existing methods and unprecedented flexibility through our intelligent software solutions.

Robotic Hot-Wire Cutting

Robotic hot-wire cutting utilizes a robotically controlled, electrically heated wire to cut through industrial foams, replicating the geometry of a given CAD-model.

The process enables efficient production of advanced formwork designs for concrete casting and foam based elements for industrial applications. We can do this at a fraction of the time and cost of existing technologies due to the greatly increased machining speed. 

Foam cut-offs and used formwork can be recycled for new insulation products or formwork material, enabling a highly sustainable production cycle.

Robotic Milling

Robotic milling is the ideal choice for detailed, highly complex geometries. Our expertise encompasses in-depth knowledge on advanced CAM-programming and simulation for high-speed milling on 7-axis robots.

Robotic milling enables the production of extremely complex 3D geometries beyond the limitations of standard 5-axis CNC milling. Objects in sizes up to 24 meters can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials, including EPS, PUR, foam materials, wood, and aluminum.

We are prepared to consult you to provide a unique solution for your project, and our technology makes it feasible even for small quantity production.

Abrasive Wire Cutting

Abrasive cutting takes robotic hot-wire cutting to the next level. By replacing the electrically heated wire with an abrasive diamond wire, wire-cutting can now be performed on virtually any material, including solid and high density groups such as natural stone, concrete and timber.

This approach enables high-speed manufacturing of ruled surface geometries. In conjunction with our software solution, it represents a major step forward in increasing the efficiency of solid material machining.