Stair Formwork

Sustainable Concrete Stair Construction

Experience the future of concrete staircase construction with our innovative robotic technology and online configuration system. We take pride in offering a cutting-edge approach to formwork, using lightweight EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) cores that significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to traditional wood and steel methods. 

Our formwork’s manufacturing process are based on patented robotic technology, ensuring exceptional quality and precision. What sets us apart is our unique digital approach, revolutionizing the way forms for stairs are built.

-70% CO2 reduction

+300% efficiency

Digital Configuration

Stair Formwork built with a robot

Efficient Execution

Experience a seamless workflow with our stair formwork service. From quick manufacturing to prompt delivery, we ensure streamlined efficiency at every step.

Robot arm working with Stair Formwork
Stair formwork
Stair Formwork

What our customers says

It has been very exciting to work with Odico on the testing of their unique stair formwork and we believe the results point to very promising opportunities for robotic formwork production

How does it work?

Optimizing performance

By harnessing the power of robotics, our stair formwork service ensures unparalleled quality and consistent results. Each step of the process is executed with robotic precision, eliminating human error and variations. The use of advanced automation technology guarantees uniformity in every formwork piece, leading to flawless and structurally sound concrete stairs. 

Our robotic solution meticulously follows the specified design, ensuring exact replication of intricate details and dimensions. With this innovative approach, we surpass traditional manual methods, providing our clients with unmatched accuracy, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Experience the pinnacle of quality and efficiency with our automated stair formwork solution. In an industry facing a scarcity of skilled carpenters, we offer a revolutionary alternative that ensures consistent craftsmanship. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees the same level of precision and attention to detail as a skilled carpenter, eliminating any compromises in quality.

Unlike the labor-intensive traditional method, our automated process significantly reduces production time, allowing for faster project completion without sacrificing excellence. With our streamlined approach, you can achieve remarkable results in record time, saving both resources and costs.