About Odico

At Odico A/S we utilize cutting-edge robotic solutions to drive efficiency and precision in the construction industry. Our state-of-the-art robotics technology automates traditionally labor-intensive tasks, leading to significant productivity and cost savings. 

With a focus on reducing material waste and CO2 emissions, we lead in Digital Fabrication and scalable Robotic Solutions, shaping the industry’s future through innovation. 

At Odico A/S, we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation for a sustainable future.

At Odico we accelerate the construction industry’s transition towards CO2 reduction, improved working environment and efficiency together with industry leaders.

We offer a unique collaboration and technology platform that connects design, manufacturing know-how, software, and process technology.


At Odico our vision is to be the preferred partner for digital solutions that create value in the global transition to sustainable construction


Driving sustainable innovation in the construction industry with advanced robotics and digital manufacturing.

Innovative Robotics Driving Sustainability

At Odico, we harness the power of innovative robotics to drive sustainability in construction, revolutionizing the industry's environmental impact.

Digital approach to reduce concrete

Through our digital approach, Odico aims to minimize concrete usage by leveraging advanced technologies, optimizing designs, and reducing waste.

Optimize use of material

At Odico, we prioritize the optimization of material usage, implementing smart solutions that minimize waste and maximize efficiency for sustainable construction practices.