Carpentry with Automated Wood Cutting

Carpen is an innovative automated solution revolutionizing wood cutting for raw house construction. Utilizing cutting-edge robotic technology, Carpen replicates the precision and skill of a carpenter, eliminating the need for manual on-site labor or prefab alternatives. 

By automating the process, Carpen offers unparalleled efficiency, optimized logistics, reduced CO2 emissions, and eliminates the inconveniences associated with traditional methods. With its advanced digital approach, Carpen excels in nesting the cuts, optimizing material usage, and significantly reducing waste.

+30% material utilization

20% CO2 reduction

+20% productivity

Streamlined cuts

Carpen’s just-in-time approach maximizes cost savings and optimizes material use, ensuring every cut counts, reducing waste, and streamlining construction processes.

A house in the process of being build with carpen wood cutting
Robot arm
Carpen wood cutting

What our customers says

We at HathaStudios are passionate about building and funding the erection of yoga studios globally. We are excited to partner with Odico, whose revolutionary robot technology and digital solutions will help us innovate the way we construct and produce our studios.

How does it work?

Carpen: Empowering efficiency and precision in wood cutting

Carpen boasts a range of technical functionalities that set it apart. With its arsenal of multiple tools and a precision track system, Carpen ensures versatile cutting capabilities for various wood elements. The automated process streamlines operations, while the label printing on each element enhances traceability and organization. 

Leveraging a proprietary solution and advanced software technology for assembly sets, Carpen enables unparalleled design freedom. The entire process is digitally driven, from start to finish, allowing seamless integration with other digital workflows.

Carpen revolutionizes the experience as a customer by leveraging cutting-edge automation and robotics. With Carpen’s advanced solution, reminiscent of assembling a furniture set, the construction process becomes streamlined and efficient. 

Embracing precision cuts and optimized material utilization, Carpen not only saves you valuable time but also delivers significant cost savings. Seamlessly integrating technology and craftsmanship, Carpen elevates your construction journey, ensuring a seamless and technically superior wood cutting experience.

Carpen’s innovative approach brings significant CO2 savings to the table. Unlike traditional methods that rely on extensive logistics and numerous trucks for prefab components, Carpen offers an alternative. 

By delivering just-in-time assembly sets, Carpen minimizes the logistical complexity and the associated carbon footprint. On the construction site, this translates into optimized logistics and streamlined operations. The arrival of Carpen’s precision-cut sets precisely when needed ensures efficient utilization of resources and eliminates delays.