Panel Cleaning

Automated cleaning solution for Formwork Panels

Experience a breakthrough in formwork panel cleaning with Odico’s automated Panel Cleaning solution. Designed to optimize efficiency and deliver exceptional results, this innovative system transforms the labor-intensive manual cleaning process into a seamless automated operation.

Our precision-engineered solution guarantees uniform cleaning on every panel, ensuring impeccable surface preparation for concrete casting. Maximize productivity, reduce manual work, and streamline your operations with Panel Cleaning from Odico.

-70% man hours

24/7 operation

Improved working environment

Odico robot

Boost sustainability with automated cleaning

With fewer man-hours required, you can focus on other important tasks, while the system works in the background. The result is a more efficient and productive operation that delivers superior results at a lower cost.

Odico robot
Odico robot
warehouse with robot facilities

What our customers say

We used to operate with two shifts, each staffed with three persons. Today, we have streamlined our operations to just one shift, where one employee operates the cleaning solution, and two employees work half the day to prepare the panels.This change represents a significant improvement for us. We have moved from 6 employees to 2 employees for the whole cleaning process. Thats a big saving.

How does it work?

Automated Cleaning Precision

Our Panel Cleaning solution employs a streamlined and technologically advanced automated process. Here is an example of the steps typically involved:

  1. The process begins by receiving dirty panels, either loaded onto a conveyor or stacked at a designated area.
  2. Our robot utilizes advanced sensor technology to precisely identify the position of each panel and carefully loads it into the dedicated cleaning position.
  3. The panels undergo a cleaning process using Odico’s high-pressure cleaning tool, ensuring thorough removal of leftover concrete and achieving optimal surface preparation for future use.
  4. Once the cleaning is completed, the panels seamlessly return to the conveyor system for unloading, either manually or with the assistance of another robot, facilitating a smooth workflow.

In addition to the cleaning process, our system utilizes automated sensors to capture detailed images of the panels before and after cleaning. These images are stored in a cloud-based documentation system, providing a reliable record for accounting purposes and ensuring transparency in the cleaning process.

The Panel Cleaning Solution leverages Odico software to enable comprehensive monitoring capabilities. This powerful software offers a combination of real-time monitoring and detailed data collection, providing valuable insights over time. By continuously tracking productivity and monitoring uptime, operators can easily ensure optimal operations and identify areas for improvement.

Furthermore, the software enables remote support, ensuring minimal downtime and reducing service charges. With remote support capabilities, technical issues can be promptly addressed, maximizing the uptime of the solution, and minimizing disruptions.

Our specially designed end-of-arm cleaning tool sets new standards in panel cleaning technology. With its high-pressure capabilities, it delivers exceptional cleaning power to effectively remove even the most stubborn contaminants from the surface of the panels.

The tool combines precision engineering and advanced nozzle design to ensure thorough and consistent cleaning results. Its optimized flow rate and pressure settings allow for efficient and targeted cleaning, minimizing water consumption while maximizing cleaning performance. Designed for durability and reliability, the end-of-arm cleaning tool is a key component in our Panel Cleaning solution, providing outstanding cleaning performance for enhanced productivity and exceptional surface preparation.