Wood cutting

For Sustainable Construction

Powered by our solution Carpen, we automate wood cutting using robotic technology, mirroring the craftsmanship of skilled carpenters. Our service provides high-quality cuttings for projects like raw house construction. Embrace our robotic wood cutting service to optimize logistics, reduce CO2 emissions, and eliminate the inconveniences of prefab and manual cutting. 

Through our digital approach, we maximize material utilization, minimizing waste. Experience the future of wood cutting with our Carpen solution, ensuring enhanced efficiency and a sustainable approach to construction.

+30% material utilization

20% CO2 reduction

+20% productivity

Robot cutter

Efficient On-site Assembly

Our wood cutting service ensures fast implementation on-site. We deliver cuttings just-in-time and as assembly kits, making the assembly process easy and efficient. Enjoy seamless implementation without delays, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your project.

Robot arm
wooden planks
Robot operates with wood

What our customers say

At Elleville, we found a reliable partner in Odico, a wood cutting service provider that uses advanced robot technology. By choosing Odico, we have improved our efficiency and accuracy, leaving behind the outdated methods of miter saws and manual measurements. Our projects are now more streamlined, error-free, and high-quality, thanks to Odico’s expertise.

How does it work?

Customized wood cutting

Through our proprietary software, we seamlessly transform 3D files into precision-cut woodwork. Our digital approach and state-of-the-art technology enable us to effortlessly convert 3D files into robotic production files. This eliminates the risk of human errors and allows us to leverage the full potential of robotic technology, where it is most efficient and effective. 

Through our wood cutting service and innovative approach, we actively contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, with a primary focus on optimized logistics. Unlike traditional methods that heavily rely on extensive logistics and numerous trucks for prefab components, we offer an environmentally conscious alternative. 

By delivering just-in-time assembly sets, we minimizes the logistical complexity and reduces the associated carbon footprint. On your construction site, this translates into streamlined processes and optimized logistics. The precision-cut sets arrive precisely when needed, ensuring efficient resource utilization.