Cut'n Move

The Robotic Tile Cutting solution

Introducing Cut’n Move: The revolutionary robotic tile cutter designed to transform your tile cutting experience. This innovative solution not only enhances efficiency but also revolutionizes the working environment by eliminating dust and reducing noise levels.

Cut’n Move brings you a smarter and cleaner way to tackle tile cutting projects. With the flexibility of purchasing, renting, or leasing options, this cutting-edge technology is accessible to all. Experience the future of tile cutting with Cut’n Move and witness the difference it makes in your workflow.

+300% efficiency

Improved environment

Reduced material waste

Robot cutting

Future-Ready Tile Cutter

Cut’n Move is more than just a robotic tile cutter – it is a future-proofed solution designed to adapt to evolving needs and technologies. By creating a better working environment, it not only helps attract top talent but also ensures employee retention. Experience the competitive advantage of Cut’n Move and stay ahead in the ever-changing industry landscape.

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Cut'n move - cutting tiles
Odico car and trailer

What our customers say

The good work environment and of course safety is very important at Munck, and we try our best to implement solutions to optimize that. With Cut’n Move we reduced the noise level and eliminated dust from the cutting process completely.

How does it work?

On-site precision

Cut’n Move revolutionizes the tile cutting process with its user-friendly workflow. Simply load the tile you need to cut and input your desired specifications on the iPad interface. While the robotic cutter precisely executes the cut, you can efficiently prepare for the next cut, ensuring a seamless workflow. Bid farewell to traditional wet tile saws and masonry saws as Cut’n Move enables you to cut through various materials, including concrete tiles, granite, and bricks.

Experience the speed and precision of each cut, and watch your productivity soar by an impressive 300%. With Cut’n Move, efficiency and versatility are at your fingertips.

Cut’n Move features an intuitive software and user-friendly iPad interface, designed with the ambition to ensure that all pavers can quickly master its operation. Our goal is to guarantee a short learning curve, empowering every user to efficiently operate the robotic tile cutter. The user-friendly interface offers a seamless experience, enabling precise control over the cutting process.

With Cut’n Move, you can confidently navigate the software and iPad interface, unlocking the full potential of this advanced tool without any hassle. Experience simplicity and effectiveness combined in one powerful package.

Cut’n Move is built within a standard enclosed trailer, offering unparalleled convenience and optimized logistics. Take this mobile solution directly to your work site, eliminating the need for transporting tiles back and forth. The robotic tile cutter is equipped with sandwich diamond blades, ensuring precise and clean cuts across various tile materials. For power, an optional generator is available, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation.

Additionally, Cut’n Move features a built-in water tank, providing a continuous water supply for cutting and cleaning, enhancing the overall efficiency of your tile cutting process.