Robotic Solutions

With our robotic solutions, we’re making disruptive robotic technologies accessible to the construction industry. We do this to realize the potential for more innovative and effective construction methods. Our offerings consist of both bespoke solutions for large-scale projects and products tailored towards a specific need in the construction or fabrication industry.

NEWS! Cut’n Move™

With our groundbreaking solution for cutting tiles in concrete, granite and natural stone, we bring robots to the construction site.


Odico’s suite of disruptive robotic technologies is designed to liberate the architect’s creative process and enable contractors to realize construction projects with increased productivity. Our technologies offer unique flexibility and efficiency improvements up to 100% over existing solutions.


In our extensive work with the construction industry, we have observed three fundamental problems. We’ve taken these problems and turned them into plug’n play robotic products. For the first time, these technologies are now available to construction practice. Visit our products page to see our current product range.


At Odico we take pride in solving any construction challenge, big or small. With our intelligent software, we are uniquely capable of digitizing various workflows that were previously infeasible to automate with robots. We’ve helped formwork suppliers automate formwork panel cleaning and material suppliers to handle complex workflows.