Special Formwork

For endless design possibilities

Odico presents a game-changing solution in formwork production. Our unique approach combines advanced robotics, EPS, and a specialized coating, resulting in formworks that are exceptionally durable, reusable, and environmentally conscious with reduced CO2 footprint. 

Enjoy unparalleled form freedom as our special formworks seamlessly integrate with traditional concrete formwork systems, offering modular and flexible solutions. Explore limitless architectural possibilities with Odico’s Special Formwork, revolutionizing the way construction projects take shape.

100% form freedom


High-end finish

Steel posts and construction work

Sustainable solutions

Our formwork approach integrates topology optimization, reducing concrete and CO2 emissions while ensuring structural integrity and design flexibility.

Special Formwork
Special Formwork made form a robot

What our customers say

At PERI Danmark we have used Odico’s special formwork solutions at the recent ARoS project. Odico’s unique form freedom and flexibility provide the necessary versatility and precision, making them a trusted partner for achieving complex constructions.

Rethinking formwork

Embracing our formwork solutions translates into a compelling business case. By significantly reducing the concrete requirements in projects, you can achieve cost savings while simultaneously lowering the CO2 footprint. Our innovative approach empowers you to optimize material usage, minimizing waste and associated expenses.

With Odico’s formwork solutions, you can enhance your bottom line and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility, positioning your business as a leader in sustainable construction practices. 

At Odico, we understand that architecture knows no bounds. With our innovative formwork solutions, we transform architectural dreams into stunning realities. Whether it is double-curved forms, intricate geometries, or unique shapes, we make the impossible possible. Our expertise empowers architects to push boundaries and explore new realms of design freedom. With ease and precision, our formwork solutions enable the creation of awe-inspiring structures that captivate and inspire.

Experience the limitless possibilities and unleash your architectural vision with Odico’s formwork solutions for concrete casting.