Factory on the Fly

Building the future of Construction

Introducing Factory on the Fly, the pioneering platform technology developed by Odico. With our mobile on-site robotic construction solution, we are revolutionizing the construction industry. Powered by our cutting-edge operating system, Sculptor®, Factory on the Fly offers unparalleled simplicity in harnessing the power of robotics. 

Whether you are seeking to optimize construction processes or integrate plug-and-play robotics into your production facilities, our advanced solution is designed to transform your approach. 

Digital workflow

CO2 reduction

Improved efficiency

A digital platform for the construction industry

Special Formwork

Streamlined Digital Fabrication

At Odico, we prioritize delivering exceptional value to our customers. With Factory on the Fly, we offer a seamless, end-to-end digital process that simplifies your experience. Sending us your 3D files is all it takes to unlock the power of our digital fabrication department. 

Through our advanced digital approach, we effortlessly translate your files into precise production data, resulting in a finished product that exceeds your expectations. 

Intuitive Interface and Fleet Management

Additionally, our solution boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. Even non-technical individuals can operate the system effortlessly. 

To enhance your experience further, our fleet manager feature allows you to track valuable data and monitor multiple robotic solutions in real-time. Empowering you with control and insights, Factory on the Fly sets new standards in efficiency and usability.

Robot arm

Intelligent Construction Software

Factory on the Fly is purpose-built to address the challenges of automation in the construction industry. This comprehensive platform encompasses key components including Sculptor, a patented Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enabling tablet and IoT-based control of robotic applications. In addition, it integrates Omega, our proprietary manufacturing process library, and Maker, a modular hardware architecture.

A digital approach