On this page, you can get an overview of the news coverage of Odico and read the many exciting international and national posts about Odico.


On this page, you can get an overview of the news coverage of Odico and read the many exciting international and national posts about Odico.

You can also stay up to date with Odico’s own press and company announcements by clicking the button below (only in danish)

You can also stay up to date with Odico’s own press and company announcements by clicking the button below (only in danish)

Press and Company Announcements


August 2022 | Århus Stiftstidende | DK

A unique office building, a bit secluded in Sonnesgade, is celebrated in a new book. Sleth Arkitekter is based in the house, which they naturally designed themselves. Students from near and far are often given a tour of the ground-breaking building. Info: The unique facade to the northwest with the characteristic marble-like crack pattern is made in collaboration with Odico.

May 2022 | Erhvervplus | DK

As the new director of the listed robotics company Odico, Henrik Jacobsen’s main task will be to focus on and commercialize the company’s pioneering technologies. – We are in a very privileged position because we already have an extensive portfolio of reference projects, and we feel a tremendous demand for robot technology from the construction industry, says Henrik Jacobsen. He believes that Odico must make money in the short term.

May 2022 | Metal Supply| DK

33-year-old Alexander Nordhejm Andersen has been employed as Chief Commercial Officer at Odico, which produces robots for the construction industry. During his career, he has gained experience with international sales and business development, most recently at Effimat Storage Technology. Before that, Alexander Nordhejm Andersen was employed as Area Sales Manager and business development manager at C.C. Jensen.

April 2022 | Licitationen | DK

The robot company Odico, which has developed several robot solutions for the construction industry, makes management a one-person affair. According to a press release from the company, “to create a clear and strong management structure in Odico.” From 1 May 2022, the executive board will consist solely of the company’s CEO, Henrik Jacobsen.

March 2022 | Electronic Supply | DK

The Funen-based robot company Odico, which develops cutting robots for the construction industry, among other things, is growing in revenue. This is shown in the just published half-year report for the second half of 2021, which is the first half of Odico’s financial year.

January 2022 | Company Announcement | DK

Cf. announcement of 3 December 2021, the board is now pleased to announce that Henrik Jacobsen has been employed as managing director of Odico A/S with a start date of 1 April 2022. Henrik comes from a deputy director of production and innovation at the Danish Technological Institute. Since 2018, he has dealt with commercialization within digitization and robot and automation technology development.


JUNI 2021 | pressemeddelelse | DK

Odico is one of just three companies nominated for the Danish Robot Network (DIRA) Technology Award with the pioneering mobile tile cutting robot, Cut’n Move. The Technology Prize was established in 2019 and has only been awarded once before. The prize will be awarded to a product that has utilized new technology to create a new and unique product.

Juni 2021 | Dansk Industri – Træ | DK

At the robot company Odico A/S in Odense, the love of the old craft has inspired the company to try to bring the wood collections back, but in a modern way.


The robots are coming. And they come from Funen. Over the past ten years, Funen has developed into a European hub for robot development for the industry. One of the companies at the forefront of development is Odico, which is booming and must be the first mover to get robot technology implemented in the construction industry.

Anders Bundsgaard

01 Mar 2021 | BygTek | DK

Virksomheden Odico realiserer deres ambition om hver dag at revolutionere byggebranchen ved hjælp af robotteknologi. Det har resulteret i en række løsninger, der øger effektiviteten og frigør hænder og byggeriets potentialer

14 Jan 2021 | Dagens Byggeri | DK

Today, the Danish concrete industry spends large sums on cleaning and repairing mold panels for casting concrete on site. That job is sought to be done by electrical assistants in the future.


09 Sep 2020 | CUT ‘N MOVE | DK

Odico launches Cut ‘n Move – Odico is ready to launch a new and revolutionary mobile robot solution for on-site cutting of bricks, tiles and other building materials on the market. The groundbreaking product Cut’n Move, which increases efficiency, significantly reduces costs and ensures a good working environment, has been under development for approx. two and a half years in close collaboration with Arkil A / S among others.

25 Jun 2020 | WELLMATE | ENG

Odico launches Well Mate – a groundbreaking online configurator for specially designed molds for well collections in sewerage and water supply. Well Mate makes it easy and simple to custom design project-specific molds. At the same time, SculptorTM, Odico’s cloud-based software platform for robot control and adaptive manufacturing, is announced. Well Mate is Odico’s first product based on SculptorTM and the first in a series of products developed on the platform.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the FABRICATE 2020 conference has been postponed. It is a decision that we at Odico fully support and we look forward to presenting our disruptive robotic technology to the pioneers of architecture, construction and technology this fall instead. Although the conference has been postponed, the book FABRICATE 2020 has just been published, in which Odico, in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, presents new ways for cost-effective manufacturing of beautiful and Co2-saving concrete constructions.

This Monday the Danish government announced that the robots of Funen have a pivotal role in the development of a more sustainable Denmark. In the national strategy report, the technology of Odico is mentioned as one of the important drivers in the development of robots towards a greener and more sustainable development.

As part of Denmark’s national robot strategy, Odico is mentioned as a company that will play a central role in the development of a more sustainable Denmark. This is due to our revolutionary robot technology, which can reduce the amount of concrete in the construction industry.

In collaboration with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Odico has written a research article that has been included as one of the 16 out of 245 projects for the FABRICATE 2020 conference. For the fourth time, the leading companies, educational institutions and research institutions are gathering for the conference in London and we are incredibly proud of presenting our cutting-edge hashtag#robotic technology to the pioneers of architecture, construction and technology.

German article about Stereoform Slab and the robotic technology behind the project.

Odico has been listed as one of the European robotics startups that will transform construction industry in 2020.

Article about Stereoform Slab and Odico’s collaboration with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The article explains the robotic technology used to begin the construction process.

The Danish online media, Techst, has interviewed the CTO of Odico Asbjørn Søndergaard. In the interview Søndergaard talks about our history, vision, revolutionizing technologies, and great projects.

At the dawn of a new decade, CNN looks ahead at the structures set to shape our cities in the coming year. Opus Dubai, constructed through the technology of Odico, is listed by CNN Style as one of the most anticipated buildings set to shape the world in 2020.


Odico has received funding from the EU on 7.1 million Danish Krones to further development of the project “SmartStair – Robotic Production of EPS Formwork for cost-effective Concrete Stairs”.

Less degeneration and increased productivity are among the gains of integrating robots to the construction sites. Robots does not obviate their human co-workers. With robots, we are facing a new vision for work, one in which humans work at higher levels of productivity, thanks to robots.

Interview with the CEO of Odico, Anders Bundsgaard, and CTO Asbjørn Søndergaard.

The Danish newspaper, Finans, ran an article about our collaboration with Bjarke Ingels and our common ambitions on revolutionizing the construction industry through robotics: “There is enormous potential in the technology. Both artistically, economically and sustainably”, Bjarke Ingels states in the article.

The Danish news site, Politiken, Byrum, ran an article about the cooperation of Odico and Big, and it describes how we will develop a new technology, which will rethink the use of wood in the construction industry.

Odico has entered into collaborations with the Danish star architect Bjarke Ingels with the aim of revolutionizing the construction industry by increasing the use of robotics and wood in construction. In that connection, the Danish media company TV 2 Fyn visited Odico and produced a news feature and an article about our collaboration.

The star-architect Bjarke Ingels gave an interesting interview to the Danish newspaper, Finans, regarding his dreams and projects – here among the cooperation with Odico.

The Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, ran an article about Odicos collaboration with one of the largest and most influential architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firms in the world, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM). “SOM looked into who was able to realize their digital constructions – and we were. It is crazy, that they are buying bricks of polystyrene in Odense, but they have to if they want to be first movers”, Anders Bundsgaard, the CEO of Odico, explains.

Even though Odico is known for our groundbreaking robotic technologies it is our employees that matters: “The employees in this company are more important than the robots and the software we develop. I equally respect all of my employees, and I demand that even the smartest employees in the office respect those who drive the truck and vice versa”, the CEO of Odico, Anders Bundsgaard tells the Danish, digital news media, OTOWN.

The Architect’s Newspaper ran an article about Stereoform Slab and the sustainable potential of robotic fabrication in the construction industry. Chief Technology Officer of Odico, Asbjørn Søndergaard, is cited in the article, and he is describing how our technology has made it possible to realize more advanced, structural designs that save material through more intelligent use of material.

Article about the construction of Stereoform Slab brought in the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine.

In collaboration with one of the world’s largest and most influential architecture firms American Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM), Odico de demonstrates how it through robotic technology is possible to revolutionize the construction industry by reducing CO2 emissions in the construction of large-scale constructions.

The third edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial has opened this September with a range of new exhibitions and installations across the city. In that connection, ArchDaily has created a list of must-sees venues and Stereoform Slab is on that list.

Architecture practice Skidmore, Owings & Merrill have designed a concrete pavilion for the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial. The concrete pavilion, Stereoform Slab, is a to-scale prototype of a future building system made using Odico’s advanced robotic fabrication techniques.


Thursday, September 19 the CTO of Odico, Asbjørn Søndergaard, where invited to the DAU-conference The robots are coming, where he gave an interesting presentation on the reasons why robots will revolutionize construction.

The CEO of Odico, Anders Bundsgaard, was interviewed by the Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, about how Odico follows its own path. At Odico, we have a vision of breaking with the conservative concrete blocks in the construction industry through the introduction of robotic technology.

For 10 weeks we had the pleasure of Jay Hesslink, who studies at MIT in Boston. For the past 10 weeks, he has helped with the developing of an app. Furthermore, his stay has created contact with one of the most important robotic areas in the United States.

Article from the Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, about Odico’s new headquarter, our many projects and what the future at Oslogade will bring.

The Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, has written an article about our work with/for the H.C. Andersen Festivals – a throne and paper cuttings designed by the Danish artist, Sonia Brandes, cut with our robot technology. The project was solved by our skilled engineering students, Frederikke and Mikkel, and in the article, you can find pictures of the results.


Today, we are pleased to welcome five new colleagues, who are a part of our newly established development team Odico India in Bangalore. The team consists of Ananya Dwivedi, Nandini Bandyopadhyay, Nishant Chandrashekhar, Sushil Sundaram, and Priyanka Mahajan. Ananya comes from a position as Software Engineer at SpanIdea Systems Pvt. Ltd. and she holds a Master’s degree in Technology in Computer Science from JIIT. Nandini holds a Master’s degree in Engineering in Artificial intelligence from Hyderabad University. Nishant comes from a position as Project Assistant at Applied Geometry and Mechanisms Lab at the Indian Institute of Science, and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from BITS. Sushil holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Electronics from Mumbai University, and he comes from a position as Embedded System Developer at Eduvance Pvt. Ltd. Priyanka holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The team will be a part of our software team and we look forward to putting their outstanding competences hard at work.

We are excited to announce that Odico is moving to new premises at Odense Habour on the 1st of July. We have been at our current location since 2012, and it is here that we have developed our revolutionary technologies. Due to our growth, we have outgrown our current facilities, and it is, therefore, essential for us to move.

Odico had the pleasure of a visit by a delegation from Singapore, representing various construction companies and government agencies. The purpose of the visit was to observe some of the latest robotic technologies used in the construction industry, and we illustrated how Odico can transform the global construction industry through the introduction of robotic manufacturing.

The Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, visited us to talk about Odico, robot technology, our projects, and ambitions.

The headquarter of Kirk Kapital, Fjordenhus, designed by Olafur Eliasson is Odico’s testpiece. Through Odico’s robotic hot-wire cutting 4500 m2 of robot manufactured formworks were delivered and made it possible to build the iconic building.

An research paper outlining Odico’s project Opticut, has been published in the scientific journal Construction Robotics. Opticut is the world’s first topology-optimized concrete construction produced using robotic abrasive wire cutting, and the article presents the advanced method behind the project.

Thursday, April 11th Odico will be attending at Conferdation of Danish Industry’s DI Byg conference 2019. Odico and several other companies will present various projects with the purpose of illustrating how it is possible to create a better business through digital and technological solutions.

Danish article about Sonnesgade 11 which has been nominated for the Sustainable Concrete Prize by Dansk Beton. Odico helped with the creation of the unique and characteristic concrete facade that has chams in it to make it look like a gigantic slab of crumbling marble.

The Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, brought this article about the great donation on DKK 100 million for robotics research at the University of Southern Denmark from the A.P. Møller Foundation, which also engenders excitement among robotic companies from Funen.


The CTO of Odico, Asbjørn Søndergaard, was interviewed by the American magazine Civil Engineering, and the result was a 2 paged article. The article deals with Odico’s robot technology and how this contributes to innovating formwork with our project Opticut as an example of this.

Asbjørn Søndergaard, CTO and co-founder of Odico attended as an invited critic at Architectural Association School of Architecture for the school’s graduates at Design Research Laboratory. The school is one of the most famous architecture schools and other critics attending were Theodore Spyropoulos, Patrick Schumacher, Ross Lovegrove, and Shajay Bhooshan.

Asbjørn Søndergaard, CTO and co-founder of Odico, are invited to deliver a lecture at Institute of Structural Design at Technische Universität Braunschweig as a part of a series of lectures on digital tools.

The Turkish website, Insaant Antiye, who writes about everything regarding construction, has written an article on robotic solutions for the construction industry. [/fusion_title]


An exciting podcast with one of the founders and CTO of Odico, Asbjørn Søndergaard. He talks about the thoughts behind Odico. He also talks about how Kirk Kapital was a gigantic challenge, but also how the project increased the demand for Odico’s products. The Opticut project is also discussed in the podcast and Asbjørn talks about the potential for gigantic CO2 reduction by topology optimization.

The Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, ran a catchy article on everything from the stock exchange listing to the sale of the first Factory-On-The-Fly. The managing director, Anders Bundsgaard, also comments on the fluctuation in the prices on the Odico shares and his view on new technology in the construction industry.

An article, in the Danish newspaper Børsen, regarding the positive reaction on Odico’s first closed deal on our Factory-On-The-Fly robotic concept.

Team Oikos from the world’s leading architectural education Architectural Association School of Architecture in London collaborated with Odico on exploring the potential of the Factory-On-The-Fly. Check out the results in this amazing video.

Leading US online magazine on architecture and construction, The Architects Newspaper, brought the following introduction to Experiment R.

ArchDaily, the world’s most read site for architecture, ran this article about the ground-breaking collaboration between Aarhus Schol of Architecture, Odico, Hi-Con A/S, AARHUS TECT, TU Delft, Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma A/S, Brunsgaard A/S, Stillads & Materieludledning, Aarsleff and a number of operators from the Danish construction industry regarding the production of advanced constructions through Odico’s robot technology.

Circular Economy is the future for the construction industry, but it remains far from mainstream. Six finalists in the Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste, demonstrate what the future solutions for circular construction look like.

Odico has been selected as 1 of 6 finalists in the widely covered Circular Construction Challenge, initiated by the world’s largest philanthropic fund, RealDania. This article in the Sustanian covers the event.

Today we have the pleasure to announce that all the key positions are filled. Since August 1, 2018, Odico has doubled the number of employees. We now have a dream team of the greatest international talents, and we are looking forward to continuing the development.

Erik Petersen is former CTO at Dan Robotics and has more than 31 years of leading experience in advanced industrial robotics. Through his career, Erik has been responsible for more than 400 robot installations in automotive and the manufacturing industries. We are delighted to welcome Erik to the team and look forward to putting his outstanding competences hard at work.

Odico is delighted to announce that our radical proposal for using robots in construction waste recycling has been selected as 1 of 6 finalists in the Circular Construction Challenge, initiated by the world’s largest filantropic trust fund for architecture, RealDania.

We have the pleasure of announcing Lars Ellyt as new Chief Commercial Officer at Odico. Lars is joining Odico from a position as After Market Manager at Svendborg Brakes A/S. We look forward to working with Lars and bringing his talent in managing industrial sales to the Odico team.


The Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, interviewed the CEO of Odico, Anders Bundsgaard, about the exciting time after the stock exchange listing. Odico has worked on putting a strong team together, who are working on the further development of Factory-On-The-Fly. Additionally, they talk about Odico’s annual accounts and future prospects.

The World’s leading online magazine for architecture and design caught interest in Odico’s mobile robotic solution.

Bjarke Ingels Group is experimenting with a mobile robotic manufacturing platform that, thanks to a £3.9 million injection of public investment, could make its debut on construction sites next year. Factory-On-The-Fly is the brainchild of Danish tech firm Odico, a robotic system shipped inside a standard shipping container to custom-fabricate building elements with complex freeform shapes, including formwork, insulation, reinforcement or tiles.

Construction sites could soon include mini manufacturing units where robots custom-make building components at the push of a button – at least that’s if Danish tech firm Odico has its way.

Construction sites could soon include mini manufacturing units where robots custom-make building components at the push of a button – at least that’s if Danish tech firm Odico has its way.

Dorte Jensen joins Odico as chief financial officer. Dorte has 23 years of experience as a chief financial officer, and Dorte is joining Odico from a position as chief financial officer and head of administration at Diabetesforeningen. Dorte is relieving Lars Christiansen, who is continuing as mentor and member of the board for Odico.

Today we have the pleasure to announce that Narendrakrishnan Neythalath joins Odico as Chief Developer. He is going to be responsible for the day to day management of the software team of Odico under CTO Asbjørn Søndergaard. Narendra has an education in computer science and mechatronics. He comes from a position as Senior Roboticist at Tiesto Robotics in Singapore.

Vilhelm Carlström from Business Insider has written an interesting article about Odico’s Factory-On-The-Fly. The article focuses on the gigantic potential there is for reductions in the construction industry both regarding economy and time. Furthermore, it covers some of the projects that Odico and the Zara Hadid architects collaborated on, and these projects would have been nearly impossible to carry out without the robot technology of Odicoo.

The leading national news channel TV2 News caught interest in the upcoming release of project Opticut, a ground-breaking collaboration between Odico, Aarhus School of Architecture, Hi-con and a number of partners from the danish construction industry.

Danish article from Berlingske Business. Anders Bundsgaard, the CEO of Odico, calls himself a technology geek. Now he wants to make robots more available because technology ought to make a difference for the individual, he thinks.

Nationally leading newspaper Jyllands-Posten reported from the pre-release of the ground-breaking Opticut project, developed by a partnership between Aarhus School of Architecture, Odico, Hicon and a number of industry leaders from Danish Construction.

The Danish site, Dagens Byggeri, writes about Opticut in Aarhus and the amazing possibilities the use of formworks cut by robots paves the way for.

The CEO of Odico, Anders Bundsgaard, had an exciting talk about the stock exchange listing with Pernille Enggaard from Millionærklubben at Radio24syv.

The Danish newspaper, Børsen made an interview with CEO at Odico, Anders Bundsgaard, about the beginning of Odico, entrepreneurship, and what the money from the stock exchange listing are being used for.

On Saturday, June 9, Olafur Eliasson’s impressive headquarters for Kirk Kapital, Fjordenhus, was inaugurated. In addition to being Olafur Eliasson’s first full building design, the building also represents an international breakthrough in robotics as the first building realized using robotic hot-wire cutting.

Among the many potentials of the robotics technology of Odico, cost-effective production of advanced formwork, which furthermore reduce great amounts for CO2.

Kasper Pilemand, a partner in Dorte Mandrup Architects, makes a statement about the possibilities of robotics in architecture.

The Danish media, Børsen, visited Odico to talk with CEO Anders Bundsagaard regarding the stock exchange listing, and what the capital will be used for.

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of our video by Creative Republic, featuring an interview with the renowned Danish architect Dorte Mandrup on the making of the ‘CONDITIONS’ installation for the Venice Biennale 2018.

The headquarters of Kirk Kapital, Fjordenhus, is delineated in one of the world’s most influential architecture, interiors, and design magazines. The article is crammed with information that describes the details of the construction. Odico was the supplier of 4200 m2 robot manufactured formworks used to the manufacturing of the significant mouth of the building. Fjordenhus is the first building in the world where robotic hot-wire cutting has been used to build a bearing construction and represents thus an international milestone for robots in the construction industry.

BIG trials Factory-On-The-Fly to cut time and costs for advanced concrete construction.

In an initiative sparked from a conversation between Swiss embassador of Denmark, Benedikt Wechsler, Odico CEO Anders Bundsgaard and ABB’s Steffen Enemark, an exhibition was established for the Designmuseum of Denmark featuring ABB’s Yumi robot on a robotically cut sculpture designed and produced by Odico

B1M – theworld’s leading video channel on construction technology today released an excellent video, summarizing the state-of-the-art of construction robotics world wide. Odico is featured as a leading example in this summary.

CEO of Odico, Anders Bundsgaard, was interviewed by Mayday Magazine, about how new technologies can help minimize waste and the use of resources to create a more sustainable production.

Today, we’re delighted to announce the opening of the CONDITIONS installation by Dorte Mandrup at La Biennale di Venezia – the worlds most prestigous architectural event. Dorte Mandrup is the first Danish architect to be invited for the main exbition. Odico robotically produced and installed the 200 m2 installation.

Today, we’re delighted to announce the opening of the Big U: Humanhattan 2050 Exhibition by Bjarke Ingels Group at the Venice Biennale 2018, the world’s most prestigous architectural event. Odico’s dual robot cell was used in the production of the large concept model, building on work by industrial Ph.D at Bjarke Ingels Group, Giulio Brugnaro.

Asbjørn Søndergård, The Chief Technology Officer at Odico, spoke at a conference at Academy Lillebælt about the application of new technologies in the construction industry. The conference was part of Odense Architecture Festival.

A dual Odico robot cell is assisting Bjarke Ingels Group in producing a large concept model for the Venice Biennale 2018. See the bots hard at work.

LUSHAN Primary School, the latest project announced by Zaha Hadid Architects last week, could be built using robots similar to the one seen in this video by Danish robotics specialist Odico Construction Robotics.

Odico will be listed at Nasdaq First North in Copenhagen, instead of in Sweden as planned. Last fall Odico went public with plans to be listed in Sweden, afterwards CEO Anders Bundsgaard was contacted and is now convinced that Odico would be able to get its funding in Denmark. In addition, Jens Munch Hansen, former CEO of TDC, has invested in Odico and is now chairman of the board.

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has unveiled plans for a 120-pupil school in Jiangxi province, China, featuring a network of ‘barrel and parabolic vaults’ part-built by hot-wire cutting robot.

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, ‘lushan primary school’ will be an educational institute for 120 children located 160 kilometers north-west of nanchang, the capital of china’s jiangxi province.

Zaha Hadid Architects just revealed a design proposal for Lushan Primary School, a new learning center for 120 children from 12 local villages in a remote rural area of Jiangxi Province, China.

Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled its design for the Lushan Primary School, an educational campus that will serve around 120 students from 12 villages in a rural area of Jiangxi Province in China to be build using industrial wire-cutting robots.

Bjarke Ingels Group is putting the Odico dual robot cell to it’s test in a series of recent experiment. The experiments, conducted by Ph.D-fellow Giulio Brugnaro with the large scale EU-funded research programme, Innochain, involves using machine learning with Odico’s robot to mimick a human carpenters chiselwork.

Odico is exchitedto announce that Dorte Mandrup Architects have chosen Odico as manufacturer for the 200m2 Installation to the Venice Biennale 2018 Exhibition. This is the first time a Danish architect is selected to exhibit at the Biennales main exhibition, the world’s most prestigious architectural event. Odico is delighted to support Dorte Mandrup in turning her vision into reality using robots.

Odico is pleased to announce Jens Munch-Hansen as new chairman of the board. Jens Munch-Hansen , a renowned top-profile in the Danish business world, is previous CEO of IBM Nordic and group managing director of TDC, Denmarks largest telecommunications company. A warm welcome to Jens!

Odico is excited to announce a collaboration with Bjarke Ingels Group and ABB Robotics, to further the exploration of the potential of robots in architecture. Within the collaboration, Odico is supplying a dual robot workcell to BIG’s office in Copenhagen, to be used in digital investigations within Bjarke Ingels experimental division, BIG Ideas. The collaboration becomes part of the EU-funded large scale research project, Innochain.

Odico congratulates Vega Landskab and Karin Lorentzen on the nomination for a Store Arne, an award given by Danish Association of Architects. The concrete elements at Hvidovre Strandpark were molded in formworks produced by Odico, their elegant, organic shapes were inspired by white cabbage.


The Danish ABB Connect customer magazine features the results of a collaboration between Odico, Odico robots and software and the very creative display artists who designed this year’s Christmas decorations of the Illum department store in the centre of Copenhagen. Take a look at the amazing result.

Manufacturing of the formwork directly at the construction site. Very fast and very easy with the Factory-on-the-Fly that is an innovative combination of standard components able to cut through EPS, concrete, marble and more. The robot is built in a standard freight container that might be carried to any construction site in the world by either truck or ship.

Odico does not take part in local business angel event called Investor Days. “Investor Days is a good idea and might have been suitable and helpful also for Odico five years ago”, says CEO Anders Bundsgaard, and continues: “Nowadays it seems we’re too big for very small investors and too small for very large investors.”

Automation of the construction industry used to be a primarily theoretical thought at the schools of architecture. Odico’s mobile robot solutions Factory-on-the-Fly and Factory-in-a-Box are moving progress out to construction sites. “We are crossing the gap between mass production and the construction industry”, says founder and CEO Anders Bundsgaard.

Although market potential reaches billions the robot comet Odico is experiencing rejection by Danish investors and The Danish Growth Fond. The company is now fleeing to Sweden in order to start a revolution in the construction industry. Photo by Maria Fonfara.

Odico is still a small company with about 12 employees and 12 ABB robots and CEO Anders Bundsgaard is himself happily feeding robots with foam bricks to be cut into formworks for a construction site.

For the past five years, there has been a collaboration between Odico, Aarhus Cementvarefabrik and sculptor Karin Lorentzen, to explore new ways of shaping concrete. As a result, Karin Lorentzen and Vega Landskab created a low wall between the sand and the grass at Hvidovre Strand. Karin used a cross-section of a white cabbage as inspiration for the organic curves.

News of the planned Odico IPO has created considerable media interest in the last days, and we’re happy to report that Odico is now topping the list of most viewed story’s on the popular Swedish stock forum

Potentialet for digitalisering og automatisering i byggeindustrien er stort, og Odico udvikler de robotteknologiske værktøjer, der er nødvendige for at realisere dette potentiale globalt. Vi forbereder derfor en børsnotering i 1. kvartal 2018.

Odense-based Odico will conduct an Initial Public Offering on the Swedish stock exchange early 2018. The target is to raise funding to reach construction sites with it’s robot technology world wide. Article in Fyens Stiftstidende in Danish.

Danish tech-company Odico have chosen Sedermera Fondskommission as financial consultants for their IPO at the Swedish stock-exchange, Aktietorget. Article in Swedish in VA Finans

ELFOKUS.DK features Odico in an article on how our groundbreaking technology changes production of complex geometries. Fast and inexpensively our Factory-on-the-Fly converts 3D printing into concrete elements. Article in Danish.

On October 13 at 10:41 the news was out at that worldwide aiming Odico is entering the Swedish stockmarket AktieTorget.

We are delighted to announce that Odico Aps. have entered an agreement with financial consulting firm Sedermera Fondskommision to initiate an IPO on the Swedish stock exchange. Through the IPO, Odico expects to raise SEK 20 million for development of the mobile robotic manufacturing platform concept, Factory On The Fly, which enable robotic production on construction sites world wide. Click for Danish press release.

Danish tech-company Odico have chosen Sedermera Fondskommission as financial consultants for their IPO at the Swedish stock-exchange, Aktietorget. Article in Swedish in Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv Börs section.

The Danish association of Constructing Architects features Odico and the many advantages of robotics in construction: Faster, cheaper, job creating, improvement of physical working conditions. Article in Danish.

On November 21 CEO Anders Bundsgaard will present “Automation as Part of the Design/Production Process” at the two day conference in Copenhagen on intelligent construction and also be present on Nov 22. Among conference partners are The Danish Construction Association. More info in Danish.

Odico is pleased to announce the opening of its exhibition stand at Herning Industrial Fair in a joint effort with ABB Denmark. HI 2017 is Scandinavia’s leading industry fair, and Odico is delighted to show-case its new, mobile, 18-axis robotic manufacturing platform 3MC.

Odico is pleased to announce that all 3 proceedings of the industry-leading, triennal Fabricate conference can now be downloaded online for free. Odico co-founders Asbjørn Søndergaard and Jelle Feringa have as an extra-ordinary exception been selected for publication and presentation at all 3 conferences in a highly competitive process against the leading talent in the architectural and construction industry

Odico is pleased to announce that co-founder and Chief Development Officer Asbjørn Søndergaard will be presenting today at the High-Tech Summit, Denmarks Leading event in technology innovation.

Odico is pleased to announce the initiation of a new partnership with Aarhus School of Architecture. Odico and Aarhus School of Architecture has reached an development agreement involving the use of Odico’s software platform for robotic programming in teaching at research at AAA.

In December 2016, Odico produced 14 High Performance Concrete Benches for Zaha Hadid Architects for the Winton Gallery of Mathematics within Science Museum London. Today, we are delighted to announce that the gallery recieved the highly acclaimed RIBA 2017 award by Royal Institute of British Architects

Upon kind invitation from Ledernes Hovedorganisation – the central union of Danish managers – CEO Anders Petersen will present Odico and participate in an expert panel with among others parliamentary candidate and member fo the city council of Odense, Claus Houden.

We’re delighted to announce that Building Green – Denmarks leading industry fair on construction sustainability – have invited Odico CEO Anders Petersen to present Odico and join as part of a panel of leading experts to discuss the forming of Construction Industry 4.0

Danish National Television compiled a list of 10 cool examples of Danish robot companies making a difference today, including robotic hot-wire cutting by Odico

Japanese E-zine decided to create an in-depth feature article with Odico’s technology, including the ground-breaking Hot-Blade Cutting concept.

Dansk Byggeri and Dansk Beton organized an industry event to discuss latest developments in construction robotics. CEO Anders Petersen gave a keynote and invited event participants at a tour at Odico

To an audience of 100 leading experts and building professionals from the construction industry Odico presented for the first time a ground-breaking concept for integrated design, topology optimization and robot manufacturing of material saving concrete components. This concept enables savings of up to 70% of concrete, while creating radical new design possibilities.

Odico er blevet udvalgt ud af mere end 40 danske og internatioanle start-ups som innovatør ved Sustainable Build 2017.

Together with our partner Strøjer Tegl, Odico has developed a solution for creating unique, robotically manufactured brick tiles. Teknisk Landsforbund caught interest in the solution, here is what they thought of it.

Det er en stor dag i dag! Odico fremviste for første gang vores prototype af den transformative Factory-On-The-Fly ved Thinkers50 konferencen.

CEO Anders Bundsgaard presented Odico at the Byg 2020 conference, outlining the future development in the Danish and international construction sector.

AEC Industry wrote a feature article on the progress robotics in construction, covering status from leading actors and experts, including Odico.

Today, we are delighted to announce the opening of Thallus White In the City – a 3D-printed sculpture designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The sculpture was printed on robotically hot-wire cut EPS molds produced by Odico.

Robotic milling is used in apx. 25% of Odico’s production. Our guy Mads had last Wednesday some fun maxing out, and Creative Republic dropped by for beers and shootings…

Is our robotic future a safe one? Danish Industry magazine F5 interviewed a panel of leading Danish experts on the topic, and the CEO of Odico, Anders Bundsgaard, conveyed his observations on AI and robotic safety.

Odico have developed a new revolutionary wire-cutting technique that enables processing of most available construction materials. Danish television came by to see how this works when cutting in ice.

Odico is delighted to announce that Odico Co-founders Asbjørn Søndergaard and Jelle Feringa have been selected as 1 of 16 presenters from a total of more than 240 project to present at the prestigous Fabricate 2017 event.


Leading British Newspaper, The Guardian, visited the newly inaugurated Science Museum, Winton Gallery of Mathematics, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The reviewer’s impression reads for itself.

Odico is much delighted to announce that Zaha Hadid’s design for the Winton Gallery of Mathematics at the Science Museum London is now open to the public. The stunning design includes 14 unique, high-performance concrete benches robotically produced by Odico.

Robotic manufacturing software opens possibilities to create free form architecture.

Odico produced a number of robotically cut EPS setworks for Zaha Hadid’s contribution Londons Fashion week, in the exhibition entitled ” The Extraordinary Process” at the Maison Mai Non Gallery. New York Times covered the exhibition.

Odico is pleased to announce that its paper – Designing for Hot-Blade Cutting: Geometric Approaches for High-Speed Manufacturing of Doubly-Curved Architectural Surfaces – written jointly with the Technical University of Denmark and 3XN Architects received the Best Paper Award at the leading, biennal conference Advances in Architectural Geometry 2016 held in Zürich.

In just four years, Odico has cut its way into the construction business with its robotic solutions – which are now on their way to revolutionize the classical tile production at Strøjer Tegl in Assens. Old craftsmanship and young technology – coming together, to create new possibilities.

The Kirk Kapital building in Vejle, designed by Olafur Eliasson, could only be realized with the aid of Odico’s technology. Their robotic cutting technologies has a huge potential, which is unmatched in the business. Coverage includes a segment of a factory visit by Frank Tobe from The Robot Report

Coverage of Odico’s utilization of car industry robotics in the construction industry, fixed to create a new world of architectural possibilities.

The advantages of our robotic technology are obvious. Today, concrete is cast in molds made from huge amounts of wood or steel, which takes ages to construct and which cannot be used again,” said Anders Bundsgaard: “When we cut the molds in polystyrene, it literally takes no time. We can cut any shape really fast and at very low costs, plus it’s an environmentally sound option.”

Odico is delighted to announce the opening of the retrospective exhibition for Zaha Hadid, at the Palazzo Francetti, Venice, curated by Zaha Hadid Architects. Odico produced robotically cut foam podiums for the exhibition section of Zaha Hadid Computation and Design Group.

The molds for the project will be cut in polystyrene, but our technology also covers other materials, such as marble and ice.

Robots have already revolutionized the manufacturing industry, and the development of technology has made robots cheaper and more versatile. Odico has utilized the flexibility of the robots to create a hotwire cutting technique, which enables them to create polystyrene molds for concrete. This will both revolutionize and rationalize the construction of free form architecture.



11 students from the Danish School “Stige Skole” visited Odico and came up close to the robots.

On I. Vilhelm Werners square in Odense stands a newly erected wall. It bends and twists in contrast to the buildings around it.

Small article on Odico in Uncube Magazine.

Ministerial visit and honouring of apprentices, utilizing Odico’s technology for their final project.

New method for cutting unique tile proving its worth in practise.

Chief Technical Officer of Odico, Jelle Feringa, explains the potential of robots in construction. The article is in Dutch.

Odense Company, 1000 days anniversary, creating new jobs with their construction industry robotic technology solutions.

Robots are ready to take over the Danish construction sector.

Creating the artist’s vision for the athlete of the year gala.

Odico’s robots put to work – touching on the works of Michaelangelo.


Odico working with Playscapes to create the urban landscape around Portland Towers in Copenhagen.

Odense stands out as a world leader in robotics with a cluster of companies emerging in recent years.

Odico contributes with a figure of the ugly duckling for H.C. Andersen’s children parade.

Blade Runner research project (advanced geometry) in depth.

Odico collaborating with researchers at Aalborg University on a sensory wall.

Odico manufactures decorations for MGP, Song contest.


Innovative robotic solution for the construction industry being developed by Odense based Odico.

Odico’s cutting technology showcased in local news segment.

Odico behind development of advanced robotics- and software solution for construction related manufacturing.