Building efficiency with robotic solutions

At Odico, we have revolutionized the formwork process through our seamless digital workflow. With our intelligent proprietary software, the journey from 3D design to realized form becomes effortless.

Experience the power of digital-to-robot-to-form technology, where innovation and expertise converge to deliver exceptional results for your projects.

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Construction work with formwork

From 3D to Form with Ease

Our advanced techniques, combined with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and form freedom, ensure that your construction project exceeds expectations whether you require intricate concrete recesses, sturdy column formwork, flawless slabs, or special formwork solutions.

Construction work
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Odico Formwork robot

Our unique formwork process

Robotic Formwork solutions

What sets us apart is our advanced robotic solutions that redefine the manufacturing process. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like hot wire and abrasive wire, we achieve unparalleled precision and speed. Our robotic coating technology ensures a flawless finish, adding durability and enhancing the overall quality of the formwork. By incorporating robotics into our production, we optimize efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. This results in superior formwork that meets the highest standards of excellence.

At Odico A/S, we thrive under the high-pressure demands of the concrete casting process. Our formwork solutions excel in handling the rigorous requirements, ensuring optimal results every time. We stand strong against traditional formwork materials like steel and plywood, offering a compelling alternative that outperforms and outlasts.

From conventional to complex, we have the expertise to handle formwork in all shapes and sizes. Our ability to adapt and innovate allows us to provide a wide selection of concrete formwork solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is intricate architectural designs or large-scale industrial projects, we have the resources and knowledge to deliver outstanding results.