At Odico®, we are bringing together the brightest minds in robotics, computer science and construction technology to create formidable, industry-pioneering solutions. Since 2012, we have spearheaded technology disruption in construction robotics — and there is much more to come. Take a glimpse at some of our technologies in development.

Robotic Hot-blade Cutting

Robotic Hot-Blade cutting is a revolutionary process for high-speed manufacturing of truly doubly curved geometry.

Using a multi-robotic cell to control a flexible, heated blade controlled by our unique software solution, we are able to manipulate the shape of the blade as it cuts. To put it simply, we can achieve fully free forms, doubly curved and complex geometry at a rapid pace.

The technology was developed under the code name BladeRunner by Odico in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (Mechanics and Computer departments), The Danish Technological Institute, Confac A/S and 3XN Architects/GXN Innovation.

Robotic Timber Manufacturing

Robotic timber manufacturing holds a potential for revolutionizing carpentry and timber construction. With the precision and mobility of robotic processes, advanced detailing and designs can be produced efficiently at low cost.

Odico is committed to advancing robotics within timber manufacturing and is undertaking long-term research and development towards this target. Stay tuned for updates.

Reinforcement Production

Next to formwork, reinforcement welding and assembly remains one of the most time-consuming processes in concrete construction. Odico is developing solutions for this sector using our adaptive software and process control to achieve the flexibility needed for custom reinforcement designs.