Acoustic Tiles

In collaboration with architectural studio AREA, studio JHA, RealDania and the tile manufacturer Strøjer Tegl, Odico has had a breakthrough in robotic tile manufacturing. Together, we have developed a new low-cost method for robotically producing high-performance sound-based brick wall design, which tackles the poor acoustics found in many spaces and buildings.

Through this method we enable highly expressive shapes and creative freedom, which current methods of industrial brick production do not allow. The CTO of Odico, Asbjørn Søndergaard adds: “Conventional brick manufacturing is highly constrained on design freedom at the module level, and manual bricklaying is constrained on the feasibility of realizing digital, nonstandard patterns with advanced module combinations. We are delighted to demonstrate through this project that it is possible to push these boundaries through innovation in digital technologies, paving the way for new avenues of design-driven retrofits for facades and building spaces.”

Image credit: © Odico and Anders Menck Lorentzen

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