In the heart of Aarhus, on Sonnesgade, a magnificent 18,000 m2 office building has set new standards in blending aesthetics with urban landscapes. Partnering with Odico, the distinctive northwestern façade, featuring a mesmerizing marble-like crack pattern, was brought to life. Odico's precision-engineered molds and a blend of robot-controlled milling and wire cutting techniques transformed EPS blocks into bespoke architectural marvels.

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Revolutionizing Aarhus's Cityscape: A Unique Collaboration with Odico

Aarhus's cityscape witnessed a remarkable transformation with the completion of an expansive 18,000 m2 office building on Sonnesgade. What makes this architectural gem stand out is its dedication to incorporating aesthetic finesse into the urban fabric. This innovative project marked a groundbreaking collaboration between Odico and visionary architects.

The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the northwest-facing façade, an embodiment of creativity and precision. Odico's role was pivotal in bringing this design to life. Their expertise in crafting intricate molds, coupled with cutting-edge technology like robot-controlled milling and wire cutting, allowed for the creation of a façade with a distinct, marble-like crack pattern. Each EPS block became a unique work of art, enhancing the building's visual appeal.

This project exemplifies how innovation and collaboration can reshape urban landscapes. The blend of artistry and technology has not only elevated the aesthetics of Aarhus but also set a new standard for future architectural endeavors.

Image credits: © Rasmus Hjortshøj, COAST / Sleth Architects


Challenges solved

Complex facade design precision
Unique EPS block production
Architectural aesthetics integration

Value-creating factors

Innovative collaborative approach
Urban landscape enhancement
Aesthetic finesse showcased


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