Imagine fitting not only one but two 6-axis robots into a 20 foot container. Now imagine one of the robots does additive and the other robot does subtractive manufacturing. That’s exactly what we did with our robotic prototype laboratory: Robolab.

How Robolab Will Help You

Robolab helps you in the production of complex parts by offering an easy file-to-factory workflow. With its onboard robotic 3D-printing and milling capabilities, it enables rapid prototyping on the go.

Why We Created Robolab

Prototyping work often involves manufacturing complex parts that require bulky specialized equipment. We created Robolab to bring advanced robotic manufacturing into manual prototyping workflows in an easy and modular way and to enable you to experiment with advanced production with an easy touch of a button.

What Is Robolab

Robolab is an advanced manufacturing platform targeted at robotic prototyping. Its containerized frame and modular architecture allow it to be plugged directly in to your lab facility, ready to assist your development. The system comes ready to go, equipped with two 6-axis cloud-connected robots, robotic 3d-printing and robotic CNC-milling stations. The whole system is operated with easy-to-use software, customized to assist your prototyping needs.

Learn More

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