Drill Mate

Drilling the same patterns over and over again in huge objects calls for extreme precision and stamina. It is something better left for machines than for humans. Based on this, we’ve created a beast of a robot that does this one thing masterfully.

How Drill Mate Will Help You

Drill Mate helps you in the production of complex aluminum profiles by offering an easy file-to-factory workflow. With its onboard robotic precision drilling capability, it enables rapid prototyping on the go. Its large work envelope of 2×4.3M allows for the processing of the typical dimensions in façade construction.

Why We Created Drill Mate

Precision drilling of curved aluminum profiles is typically a demanding process that requires time-consuming calibration and fitting. We created Drill Mate to automate this process by coupling a robotic drilling process with a conventional CAM-programming workflow.

What Is Drill Mate

Drill Mate is a mobile robotic platform for precision drilling of advanced aluminum façade profiles. Its sturdy steel base and modular architecture allows for quick, in-factory installation. The system comes with a heavy-duty 6-axis robot manipulator equipped with a multi-phase drilling head that has 4 variable bit-sizes and an inbuilt cooling system. Drill Mate is compatible with AutoDesk Fusion 360 for an easy CAM-programming work.

Learn More

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