Cut’n Move™

With its small size, car-trailer housing and easy iPad controls, Cut’n Move is the agile and mobile tile cutting robot that will revolutionize paving and landscape gardening.

Cut'n Move

What Is Cut’n Move

Cut’n Move is a robotic tile-cutting platform hosted in a car trailer frame. The system comes fully equipped with a 6-axis cloud-connected robot for the full degree of cutting freedom, an onboard generator for autonomous power supply, a vacuum-lifter for heavy tiles and automatic leveling for deployment in uneven terrains. The whole system is operated through an easy-to-use iPad interface. Hook it to your car, deploy it and cut — it has never been easier.

Cut'n Move iPad control

How can Cut’n Move help

Cut’n Move takes the work of tile cutting off your shoulders, and let you focus on the craftsmanship of paving. By automating the cutting process, a paving job that before required two people can be safely done by one, doubling your productivity. In addition to this fundamental utility, Cut’n Move lets you create advanced designs with ease, greatly speeding up complicated tasks. Finally, Cut’n Move is a low-noise, safe process that encapsulates dust, water and particles in its closed environment, increasing work safety to unprecedented levels. 

Cut'n Move

Why We Created Cut’n Move

Cut’n Move is a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind mobile robotic solution for the adaptive, on-site cutting of construction tiles. We created Cut’n Move to free pavers from the tedious and straining work of tile cutting and to let the creation of advanced tiling patterns be a simple matter of pushing a button. Working in sync with a conventional paving process, it automates the cutting process and lets you double the amount of work in the same time.

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