Well Mate®

With our new online 3D-well-sculptor, you can freely generate bespoke well joining constructions and order the styrofoam cast mold directly from the configurator.

Well Mate is designed to make it easy to customize well junction formwork for use in renovation, or establishing new sewage and rainwater pipes.

Via the design parameters, you can tailor the formwork to match your project specific needs, at the same time ensuring 100% integration with our robotic production.

Feel free to test Well Mate and discover the difference it can make to your projects. We have made it possible to try Well Mate completely without registration and login, so just enter your parameters to get started.

If you want to order a form, however, we need you to register. In case of any questions, give us a call on +45 2222 1234 and we will be happy to help you through the process.