We offer Europe’s leading engineering capacity in digital fabrication at your fingertips. At Odico®, we are experienced in consulting on a broad range of digital fabrication challenges and we have the facilities for both large-scale manufacturing and small-batch production.



At Odico, we are committed to supporting our clients in their creative processes. Therefore, we will guide and consult you through the process and evaluation to assure the best implementation and optimal results. Our technologies are proprietary, which makes us the leading experts.

Odico’s consulting packages offer the following services:

  • Design guide and verification
  • Development of unique solutions for fabrication
  • Parametric design and advanced modeling
  • Project management
  • Project engineering service


The creation of any given project requires intensive prototyping and testing to bring it all to fruition. If you need assistance bringing your vision from the sketch-board to reality, Odico is here to help you.

Whether you need to establish that your design meets your functional as well as aesthetic expectations before going into larger-scale production, or you are looking for a one-off formwork solution, we offer robotic prototyping to assure that the realization of your project mirrors your vision.


Formwork Production

Apart from robotic solutions, Odico is an international producer and technology provider for digital fabrication. We provide digital fabrication and foam unit solutions for the construction and wind turbine industries with an extended capability to reproduce complex geometries that would otherwise be impossible.

Building on transformative proprietary technologies, we have commercialized the combination of our innovative software and robotic manufacturing by successfully completing more than 250 projects for over 100 clients across the globe.