Factory on the Fly®

Factory on the Fly is a revolutionizing, first-of-its-kind platform technology for mobile on-site robotic construction developed by Odico. Factory on the Fly is driven by our established operating system for construction robotics, Sculptor®, which lets anyone safely and easily construct with robots with the touch of an iPad. Just plug and play, and you are ready to go.

With its small size and light iPad control, Cut’n Move is the fast and mobile tile cutting robot that will revolutionize paving and construction work.

Imagine placing not just one but two 6-axis robots in a 20-foot container. Then imagine that one robot uses an additive and the other a subtractive form of production. That’s what we’ve done with our mobile robot lab: Robolab.

Drilling the same patterns repeatedly in large objects requires extreme precision and endurance, and therefore, it is more of a job for machines than humans. Based on this, we have developed a beast of a robot that masterfully does this one thing.