Thallus for White in the City was inaugurated on May 4th 2017 as part of the Milan Design Week. The project is the result of a collaboration between Zaha Hadid Computation & Design Group, Odico and the 3d printing company AI Build. The collaboration explores new, hybrid forms of 3d-printing, in which printing is executed on advanced, curved surfaces. Hereby, it becomes feasible to achieve physical structures and production time advances, which would otherwise not be possible using existing technology.

Thallus for White in the City tested a special fabrication approach, in which an advanced EPS plug was robotically wire-cut using Odico’s proprietary method. The plug was shipped to London and mounted on an external axis, after which printing was executed on its surface, laying a filigree mesh of 7km continuous filament. The result can be seen as a vibrant sculpture, expressing the relation between the generative design process and the fabrication process.

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