Kirk Kapital

In 2013, the city of Vejle broke ground on a construction project aimed at transforming a defunct industrial city dock into a modern urban space.

The approved plans called for the creation of an artificial island, 12 units for mixed commercial and housing purposes, a modernized marina and a new headquarter building for Kirk Kapital.

For the Kirk Kapital building, the architect’s organic vision presented a challenge to the contractor since it contained no straight lines and a vast amount of complex geometries. With estimates based on familiar technology, such as milling or handcrafted formwork solutions, a verbatim recreation was deemed unrealistic. 

Odico provided a solution that bridged the gap between the architect’s organic architectural vision with the contractor’s concerns. The 4500 cubic meters of formwork needed were effectively processed and manufactured in our own production facility, then shipped to the construction site in Vejle.

Image credit: © Studio Olafur Eliasson

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