odico formwork robotics

Odico er en banebrydende forskalnings- og teknologileverandør. Vi leverer forskalning og skumløsning til bygge- og vindindustri med en udvidet kompetence indenfor komplekse, arkitektoniske geometrier, der er umulige at realisere - hurtigt og kosteffektivt. 

Vores forskning er fokusere på udviklingen af en plug 'n play version af vores robotfresmtillingsteknologi, som vi mener vil være i daglig brug på alle, større byggepladser verden over inden længe.


Transformation af den globale bygningsindustri

Vores mission er at transformere den globale bygningsindustri.

Branchen er stærkt afhængig af manuel arbejdskraft, og selv mindre innovationer ift. design og form er vanskelige at realisere. 

Det vil indtroduktionen af robotter gøre en ende på. 


Der er et enormt potentiale for digitalisering og automatisering i sektoren, og vi har udviklet de værktøjer, der kan realisere det potentiale på verdensplan.



At Odico we are serious about the sustainability of our products. Material waste is an issue within many new industries - an issue we have addressed with a simple strategy.
We aim for one thing and one thing only: Zero percent waste in our production.
Depending on the job our projects can gain as much as 30 percent waste. The waste chunks we cut into small pieces which are then shredded and bagged. The shredded material is then either recycled as new EPS blocks or sold to the building industry as insulation.
No matter the size of a project nothing is wasted. This is our cradle-to-cradle strategy because naturally the responsibility is ours.




Smart Manufacturing Frameworks

PhD in computer science and digital manufacturing


In cooperation between Odico Formwork Robotics and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), we are offering an industrial Ph.D-position in the emerging field of architectural robotics, entitled: “Smart Manufacturing Frameworks”. The project is conducted in close collaboration with the team of leading experts in construction robot technology at Odico, and the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science at DTU.   

The Ph.D. will pioneer the principles for a novel framework for flexible robotic manufacturing to be applied within the construction industry. The aim is to enable swift creation of customizable production workflows that can be modularly reconfigured in response to changing demands in production, a main pre-requisite for making robotic manufacturing useful in general construction.

The overarching goal of the research is thus to explore techniques for the creation of robotic manufacturing workflows based on CAD drawings. Furthermore, the scope is narrowed to workflows that are useful in the construction industry. As such, the goal of this research is to explore and create the key software technologies necessary for large scale adoption of robotics in global construction.


We are looking for the best, global talent in computer science / software development with a strong curiousity in digital manufacturing and CAD systems. Applicants should have the ability to work in cross-disciplinary teams and thrive in a collaborative environment while interfacing a host of domain expertise, including robotics, mechanical engineering, architectural building design, CAD-modelling and process engineering. Applicants must hold a Master’s degree  from established universities within the field of computer science or related engineering disciplines, and are expected to be fluent in academic English.


We look forward to receiving your online application until March 5th, 2018. Your application should include a letter of motivation, CV with portrait photo, and graduation diploma, and be directed to Asbjorn@odico.dk 

About: Odico is young enterprise established with the aim of transforming global construction through development of disruptive manufacturing technology. Through 5 years of operation, we have as an international first proved how robotics can impact concrete manufacturing through cost-efficient production of advanced formwork systems. We are looking to scale this operation through development of mobile robotic manufacturing platforms and are seeking the best talent to join our mission.

DTU Compute is an internationally unique academic environment spanning the science disciplines mathematics, statistics and computer science. At the same time we are an engineering department covering informatics and communication technologies (ICT) in their broadest sense. Finally, we play a major role in addressing the societal challenges of the digital society where ICT is a part of every industry, service, and human endeavour





Are you a student or a recent graduate, and should you wish to apply to become an intern with Odico, please email your resume and application in Danish or English to the above mentioned email address. Your application will be considered on an ongoing basis.

When applying for an internship with Odico please include the following:

  • Why you would like to complete your internship with us
  • What you can offer
  • Any specific ideas or areas that you would like to work with/complete
  • Your expectations to Odico during your internship
  • Formal expectations, if any, the internship must adhere to
  • Your area of study and specialities
  • Start, end and duration of internship

We offer internships at our address Peter Skrams Vej 5, Odense, Denmark.