odico formwork robotics

Odico Formwork Robotics is a pioneering formwork technology developer. Using our proprietary solutions, we manufacture formwork for the construction and wind turbine industries. Our solutions enable an extended capacity to produce complex, architectural geometries that would otherwise be costly to realize, quickly and cost-effectively.



Transforming Global Construction

We are on a mission to transform the global construction industry. Building construction today is extremely labor intensive, and even moderate design innovations pose overwhelming challenges to realization. Robotic construction can change all this.


There is an enormous, unrealized potential for digitization and automation in the sector, and we are developing the tools necessary to realize that potential on a global scale.


At the moment we have no vacant positions.

However, we always welcome unsolicited applications that are emailed to info@odico.dk.

Applications are kept for six months. 


Are you a student or a recent graduate, and should you wish to apply to become an intern with Odico, please email your resume and application in Danish or English to the above mentioned email address. Your application will be considered on an ongoing basis.

When applying for an internship with Odico please include the following:

  • Why you would like to complete your internship with us
  • What you can offer
  • Any specific ideas or areas that you would like to work with/complete
  • Your expectations to Odico during your internship
  • Formal expectations, if any, the internship must adhere to
  • Your area of study and specialities
  • Start, end and duration of internship

We offer internships at our address Peter Skrams Vej 5, Odense, Denmark.